Watch Obama Give the 2012 State of the Union Address on YouTube

Tonight, starting at 8:00 CST, you will be able to watch President Obama give his annual State of the Union address. The online-only enhanced version of President Obama’s third State of the Union Address features charts, stats and data that helped inform President Obama’s policy decisions. You will be able to watch it at the link I’ve provided below.


YouTube Hits 4 Billion Views Per Day

Yesterday, YouTube announced that they have recorded an astounding 4 billion views daily, and that users upload 60 hours worth of video every minute. That’s 1 hour of video every second! It was only in May of 2011, that YouTube had recorded 3 billion views per day. The numbers announced today, show an increase of 25% in just eight months, which is quite an¬†achievement. With some users upset about the new changes YouTube has made to its interface, we will see if this growth continues, All I have to say is that Google has to have some serious bandwidth to handle these types of numbers. Sheesh!